5 Things NOT to do on your LIVE Jewelry Sale Party

5 Things NOT to do on your LIVE Jewelry Sale Party

When you are hosting a live jewelry sale party, it is extremely important that you present yourself appropriately.  Below I have included a few tips to help you shine bright like a diamond and remain professional, but fun and engaging while you are representing your Paparazzi business on a live jewelry sale party.

Be Clean & Presentable.  Remember most of your viewers are women so, don't show too much BBB (belly, boobs & butt).  Women are naturally judgmental of one another whether we like to admit it or not.  As you move around during the Live Party your clothes may shift and move, just make sure not too much BBB are showing when you do. :-) Also, make sure you are well groomed overall so as to engage customers, potential customers and potential business partners.

Show Some Personality & Don't Be Boring.  It's a Party. It's your Party! Have fun and allow your personality to shine.  Don't let it out shine the beautiful jewelry but let it shine!  Your personality is what will keep your customers coming back for more. The time that they spend partying with you is valuable time to them so make it worth their while.

Light it Up. Please please please do not skimp on great lighting.  Proper lighting will allow your personal beauty and the beauty of the accessories to shine through. Natural light is very flattering but if your party room does not offer natural light, get day light bulbs, umbrella lights and/or a ring light.  Change out the light bulbs in light fixtures in your party room with day light bulbs.  You'll thank me later for the advice.

Watch Your Potty Mouth. You might curse like a sailor in real life, but when you are hosting your Live Party, you are representing YOUR BUSINESS and the Paparazzi Accessories brand. Cursing or using crude words is unprofessional and offensive to customers, potential customers and potential business partners.  Keep your language clean and professional. You’ll get more customers and more sales!

Don’t give up.  Live videos are an Oh-mazing way to grow your business and your team, but for MOST people it takes time, energy and consistency.  Keep pushing forward.  Keep hitting that button to Go Live.  Keep working your business.  Everyone has to start somewhere but where you end up is up to you.  It is natural to feel unorganized and a little nervous your first few times going Live.  As you go Live more and more, you will get better and better.  No one expects you to be perfect on your first go, so push through, make improvements each time and before you know it, you’ll be going LIVE like a PRO!


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