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Paparazzi Life of the Party is a way for Paparazzi Accessories to reward the consultants strictly based on the consultants sales and ordering activities. Not everyone wants to build a team. And that’s ok. This is their way to reward us for our sales.
Life of the Party is calculated from July 1 of one year-June 30 of the next year. Each level is achieved based on our Personal Volume (PV). PV is given for each piece of adult jewelry you purchase and/or that is bought from your Paparazzi replicated site
  • One $5 piece of jewelry = 2pv
  • One $25 piece of jewelry = 10pv
As we sell our Paparazzi jewelry from our inventory, we will be ordering more jewelry. The more we sell, the more we order, the higher our PV total. As customers order from our Paparazzi website, we will receive PV points as well. It’s the same PV amount as if we ordered it directly from Paparazzi ourselves.
At this time GlaMarous Titi Jewels is proudly LOTP Bronze thanks to FABULOUS GLAMAROUS CUSTOMERS JUST LIKE YOU!!!

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