About Us

My Story & Why the name

GlaMarous Titi Jewels?


I am a wife, mother of 3 adult children and the Glamma (Titi) of 2 precious granddaughters.  Everything I do is because of them, about them and for them.  People around me may not fully understand the reason behind the sacrifice I make of long hours, countless sleepless nights, and much much more that I dedicate to my business.
For me, it's not all about the jewelry.  It's about leaving my Legacy, richly empowering women, building confidence, being a blessing and helping others.  I am the driving force of my family, and I aim to steer all of them in the right direction by leading out front by example.
I became a Paparazzi Independent Consultant in April 2019 and I hit the ground running immediately.  I am part of an Elite Team withing Paparazzi Accessories and that Elite Team makes of .1% of the company.  That’s right, you heard me .1%.  Being apart of a top tier teams means I had to be a top tier Consultant and bring my A-Game to my business.
By June of 2019 I had achieved Life of the Party with Bronze access before the close of that physical year.  Fast forward to January 2020, I have proudly advanced to the rank of Director, I have achieved Crown Club 5 status and I have achieved Life of the Party with Gold Access.  There is still a lot of Papa Year to go before our big Convention in July 2020 and I aim to reach a minimum of Life of the Party with Platinum access by then.
I have seen so much growth and maturity within myself since I have started with Paparazzi Accessories. I have an amazing team of leaders that pour into me and I in turn pour into my team.  The Founders of Paparazzi Accessories have laid the foundation of how to have a successful business as an Independent Consultant and I would remiss if I didn’t pour all that I have learned into my Team. I aim to get all that was placed here to get from this World and Paparazzi Accessories is one of the vehicles that I to get me there.
I am humbly grateful to God for His Grace and Blessings. I’m thankful to my husband for being my support system and putting up with all of my late nights and early mornings. I’m thankful to my leadership team for leading by example and I thank my team for trusting me to Lead them.
Lastly, I applaud myself for stepping outside of my own self-induced comfort zones of being reserved, a loner, afraid and disengaged from the social aspect of the world.  No more.  I can! I will! I must! And you can too! Let me show you how.