About Us

My Story & Why the name
GlaMarous Titi Jewels?

 I am mother to 3 adult children and the Glamma (Titi) of 3 precious granddaughters.  Everything I do is because of them, about them and for them.  People around me may not fully understand the reason behind the sacrifice I make of long hours, countless sleepless nights, and much much more that I dedicate to my business.
For me, it's not all about the jewelry.  It's about leaving my Legacy, richly empowering women, building confidence, being a blessing and helping others.  I am the driving force of my family, and I aim to steer all of them in the right direction by leading out front by example.
I became a Paparazzi Independent Consultant in April 2019 and I hit the ground running immediately.  I am part of an Elite Team within Paparazzi Accessories and that Elite Team makes of .1% of the company.  That’s right, you heard me .1%.  Being apart of a top tier teams means I had to be a top tier Consultant and bring my A-Game to my business.
I have achieved Life of the Party Diamond, I am an Executive Director, and I have achieved Crown Club 5 status. There is still a lot of Papa out their to achieve and I aim to reach the highest that God has purposed for me to go.
I have seen so much growth and maturity within myself since I have started with Paparazzi Accessories. I have an amazing team of leaders that pour into me and I in turn pour into my team.  The Founders of Paparazzi Accessories have laid the foundation of how to have a successful business as an Independent Consultant and I would remiss if I didn’t pour all that I have learned into my Team. I aim to get all that I was placed here to get from this World and Paparazzi Accessories is one of the vehicles that I to get me there.
I am humbly grateful to God for His Grace and Blessings. I’m thankful to my family for being my support system. I’m thankful to my leadership team for leading by example and I thank my team for trusting me to Lead them.
Lastly, I applaud myself for stepping outside of my own self-induced comfort zones of being reserved, a loner, afraid and disengaged from the social aspect of the world.  No more.  I can! I will! I must! And you can too! Let me show you how.