How to Make Money with Your Own Paparazzi Accessories Business

Posted by Vantrese Harvey-Otunbanjo on

There are three reasons you should consider starting a Paparazzi business of your own:

  1.  You want to make extra money.  Whether you’re looking for a side gig to bring home an extra $500 per month or a Full-time Business, Paparazzi definitely is a great business venture to consider. Buy the accessories at wholesale for $2.75 and sell them at retail for $5.00. That's a 45% commission rate that rocks!
  2. You love fashion or jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories are always on trend and on the cutting edge of fashion.  Accessories are released everyday, Monday thru Friday. The accessories are always fun, always fabulous and always $5.  Your customers will thank you.
  3. It’s flexible and fun. You can work from home, be your own boss, and set your own flexible hours.

*Bonus reason to join Paparazzi is to become a party of my team and gain an amazing Team Leader :-)  Join me:


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